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Match-fixing scandal & RAW connection

S M Hali

Friday, September 03, 2010 - Pakistan, nay the entire cricketing world has been badly rocked by the weekend exposé of Pakistan cricket team’s spot fixing scandal. London’s tabloid ‘The News of the World’ is a British tabloid newspaper published every Sunday by News Group Newspapers of News International, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, and the Sunday sister paper of “The Sun”. The tabloid concentrates on celebrity-based scoops and populist news and has a fondness for sex scandals. It has faced libel charges and court action on numerous occasions.

Some of the well known libel actions against it comprise the 2005 libel case by English footballer David Beckham and his wife Victoria Spice; another English footballer Wayne Rooney, who received £100,000 in damages from the publishers of The News of the World in 2006; yet another England footballer Ashley Cole, who in June 2006 received £100,000 compensation for publishing a libelous story; the July 2006 libel action brought by the Scottish politician Tommy Sheridan, which Sheridan won and was awarded £200,000 in damages; the January 2010 Norwich City Football Club case and the recent February 2010 case of the Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who are planning to sue the tabloid after it published allegations about their relationship.

The sensationalist weekly has been in trouble on numerous occasions for irresponsible journalism like its controversial campaign to name and shame alleged pedophiles in 2000 following the abduction and murder of Sarah Payne. The paper’s decision led to angry mobs terrorizing those they suspected of being child sex offenders, which included several cases of mistaken identity, including one instance where a pediatrician had her house vandalized and another where a man was confronted because he had a neck brace similar to one a pedophile was wearing when pictured. It may be relevant to mention here that The Sun and the Times group had backed the London School of Economics report released earlier this year to defame Pakistan.

Now a brief look at Mazher Mahmood, the sting operator, who is an undercover reporter for the News of the World, and is known for his sting operations, which he has detailed in his book: “Confessions of a Fake Sheikh - The King Of The Sting Reveals All”. Reporter Mazher Mahmood describes, how dressed as an Arab Sheikh, he enticed celebrities like Sven Goran Eriksson, Royals such as Sophie Wessex, Diana butler Paul Burrell, the directors of Newcastle football club and assorted TV stars, models and some very dodgy crooks into sting operations. Mahmood claims he has brought 250 criminals to justice so far. Although Mahmood has helped to expose crime, many find the way he does it both morally and ethically distasteful. His former boss Roy Greenslade and politician George Galloway are both critics, while lawyers have argued that Mahmood’s conduct, backed by the editorial policy of the News of the World, deliberately involves serious breaches of the Law of England and Wales. The most important link in the triad that trapped the Pakistani cricketers is the bookie arrested by Scotland Yard for alleged ‘spot-fixing’ in the ongoing England-Pakistan Lord’s Test claims to have links with bookmakers in India as well. Mazhar Majeed, 35, son of Abdul Majeed is married to an Indian national.

Currently residing at 26 Lombard Road Groydon, Surrey, Mazhar is permanent resident of Gali No. 7, Muslims Mohallah, Faisalabad. His brother Azhar Majeed, who is his accomplice as well as two sisters, Azra Majeed and Rafia Majeed are married to Indian nationals. Reportedly, the Majeed brothers have been compromised by the notorious Indian spy agency RAW, which has been plotting and planning on the macabre conspiracy of embarrassing Pakistan and getting Pakistani cricketers banned for life from international cricket. RAW has been operating on Mazhar Majeed the central character of this through his wife, who is Indian national while his father in law owns the infamous dine and dance hotel in Wembly where Pakistani cricketers have been visiting for entertainment. Mazhar Majeed has a large farm house in Surrey costing nearly £ 1.8 Million, which is often used to lure the cricketers for developing intimacy. His sister Rafia Majeed is married to Mr. Jamal, who is again an Indian national and is closely linked with underworld people of India, was jailed for two years in UK due to same. Mazhar and his brother Azhar have close links with Indian bookies located in Mumbai.

Mazhar Majeed told the undercover reporter that there are no major activities when the “Indian market is not open”. On the other side he has been closely interacting with Pakistani cricketers since many years. Mazhar Majeed is a RAW front man and holds a key position in RAW’s illicit fund generation program that includes running Mafia wings, running brothel houses, prostitution syndicates gambling dens, and betting on matches of Cricket, soccer and even tennis. He was handpicked by RAW and was put under the command of RAW’s Special Operations Division SOD, headed by Chhota Rajan where he was trained for sports betting.

Mr. Mazhar Mahmood, who is also a British National like the two bookie brothers, is famous for entrapment stories who have ditched few Pakistanis in the past as well. It is a preconceived conspiracy which is very well planned to defame Pakistan and its cricket team through entrapment. RAW had incited Mazhar Majeed for developing intimacy with the Pakistani cricketers and he used to provide them every kind of entertainment during their visit to UK. RAW had hatched the plot even before the Australian tour of the Pakistan cricket team, after which doubts had been created regarding the fixing of the Sydney test match. Apparently RAW had dumped thousands of pounds acting under the cover of the British High Commission in London to ensure that the simple minded but Pakistani cricketers having weak moral standards could be exploited. RAW has ensured and machinated India to boycott to play with our team, ridicule our players in IPL and now master minded the current scandal.
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