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Iranian MPs condemn NATO attack

akhtar jamal

Thursday, December 01, 2011 - Islamabad—A large number of Iranian Parliamentarians strongly condemned the “lethal cross-border” NATO attack on Pakistan, and called on Islamabad to show a decisive reaction to the US crime.

According to Iranian electronic media, in a joint statement signed by 224 lawmakers, Iranian Parliamentarians condemned what they called “criminal acts including its recent air strike on Pakistan which claimed the lives of the Muslim state’s soldiers.”According to FARS news agency the statement read: “We ask our counterparts in the Pakistani parliament to review Pakistan’s ties with the US.”.

“It is the time to give a positive response to the demands of Pakistan’s vigilant nation and prevent the United States’ future crimes and violation of Pakistan’s territorial integrity through a decisive move by the Pakistani MPs,” the statement added.It is important to note that 224 out of total 290 Iranian MPs signed the letter. The Majlis statement expressed condolences to the Pakistani nation, government and parliament on martyrdom of a number of their soldiers. Another Iranian news site added that the statement also added: “We, as representative of the Iranian Muslim people, would like to extend our condolences to… the great nation of Pakistan.”
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