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President, PM must talk to Baloch leadership: Nawab Talpur

Balochistan affairs

Monday, February 27, 2012 - Hyderabad—Senior PPP leader and MNA Nawab Abdul Ghani Talpur has said that Balochistan issue can only be resolved if the president and the prime minister engage Baloch leadership in talks and remove their grievances.

Addressing a press conference at his residence here on Sunday, Nawab Ghani Talpur said that the issue is so serious that it cannot be resolved by offering apologies. He said had the grievances of Baloch people addressed and their rights given, the issue would not have been raised in the US Congress.

He said the people of Balochistan do not want separation from Pakistan as they are more patriotic than others but when the youths were kidnapped and killed, the situation would further deteriorate. The PPP MNA said before convening the All Parties Conference, Baloch leadership must be taken on board. He said the half cooked Balochistan package was not enough and even that has not been implemented.

He said it was wrong to blame Punjab for the situation in Balochistan but the responsibility equally lies on all the three provinces. He favoured that the president or the prime minister should take the initiative, personally visit Balochistan and meet Attaullah Mengal, Khair Bakhsh Marri and Bugti tribe people.

He said if their grievances and doubts were removed, the problem can be resolved. Nawab Ghani Talpur appreciated the efforts of Sindh government for his help in restoration of teaching activities in Sindh University and pleaded that the suspended faculty members should be restored and all the illegal appointments made by Vice Chancellor Nazeer Mughal in Sindh University Jamshoro and Dadu campuses should be cancelled.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Muslim League-Zia (PML-Z) Chief Ijaz-ul-Haque has said that military action was not solution to Balochistan issue. He was addressing a news conference at the Quetta Press Club here on Sunday. He urged the government to inform international community about interference of anti-Pakistan states in Balochistan.

He emphasized the need to take practical measures to remove sense of deprivation amongst people of Balochistan. He said that no one could deny involvement of external hand in Balochistan situation. He was of the view that the US led forces fought “so-called war” on terror in Afghanistan for 10 years adding that now the US government was in search of way to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan.

He also underlined the need to launch steps to resolve price hike, unemployment and lawlessness issues. Ijaz ul Haque demanded for transparent and impartial accountability accross the board including politicians, bureaucrats, judges and military officials.—Agencies

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