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Drone strikes kill 6 in NWA

Tariq Saeed

Saturday, March 12, 2011 - Peshawar—The infamous US drones or the CIA operated spying planes in a couple of missiles hit in North Waziristan agency Friday afternoon killed up to six people and wounded many others. Some reports said those killed in the fresh attacks were the alleged terrorists though there was no confirmation from the independent sources.

The American planes, as reports reaching here from Miran Shah the headquarters of North Waziristan agency say, the predator plane struck Khesoor village some 30 kilometers north of Miran Shah.

“In first attack a US drone struck a suspected vehicle with at least two hell fire missiles killing three people on board and wounded many others as the vehicle was also destroyed completely”. Sources said adding as the rescue operation was in progress and the people retrieving the dead bodies from the targeted vehicle, the American planes struck again after a pause of 10 minutes leaving another three people dead. Some reports said the earlier attack resulted in killing of four suspects though there were no confirmed reports about the origin of the Friday’s attack victims.

Some reports say the American planes targeted a compound in Khaisoor area as the vehicles also came under the attack.

“The American drones fired two missiles which killed at least six people and wounded few others in Khaisoor village destroying a pick up and struck again after five minutes where number of people gathered at the site of the missiles attack. . A source in the political administration told Observer adding it could not be ascertained as to who were the victims. The residents, however, say at least six people were killed on Friday’s attack and that all the victims appeared to be ordinary tribesmen.

The US drones or the predator planes which have been on the killing spree in Pakistan’s northern belt since August 2008 and have so for killed over fourteen hundreds people with the big majority as the innocent civilians (as admitted by the international watch dogs), it may be recalled have paced up attacks after a relative pause of month or so.

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