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Unemployment in Pakistan

Muhammad Annus

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - Unemployment is one of the biggest problems of Pakistan. Even a person unemployed who has ability to do work and is willing to do work is unable to get job opportunity .In the current situation more than 30 lac people are unemployed in Pakistan and unemployment ratio is more than 12/I want to share the reasons because of which the rate of unemployment in Pakistan is very high .

The higher growth rate of population is the major cause of unemployment in Pakistan .the resources of the country are limited. Karachi is the biggest industrial base of Pakistan, but the investors are reluctant to invest there because of unrest and violence. Our educational system is also responsible for increasing unemployment rate among the educated youth. The attitude of our youth towards the choice of the career is unrealistic and unproductive .Rapid mechanization and computer technology is also causing unemployment. Millions of the people in Pakistan are poor and due to poverty people are over burdened with expenditures and their savings are low. Current international financial crisis is one of the biggest reason of unemployment in Pakistan and in the whole world .

This crisis originated from the banking sector of USA,UK and some European countries and is now a global phenomena. Political instability, bad law and order situation, army’s interference, bomb blasts, terrorism, inconsistent economic policies etc are the factors which are disturbing domestic and foreign investment. Pakistan investors are taking away their money to Dubai and other countries of the world. Baseless allegations of terrorism has tarnished the image at international level .so in the current scenario Pakistan has limited job opportunities in other countries of the world. Concluding, I would like to suggest that with proper economic planning, consistent policies of government, better law and order situation, overcoming energy crisis, sincerity with Pakistan and by adopting the Islamic economic system .we can not only tackle the issue of unemployment but every economic problem of our country as well.

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