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3 killed in drone strike

Tariq Saeed

Sunday, September 23, 2012 - Peshawar—Adding to the hatred of the Pakistanis against the America, the US drones in afresh attack in North Waziristan agency killed at least three people and injured equal number of others Saturday morning.

The attack by the American planes killing innocent people in the Pakistani tribal belt was launched at the time when the anti-American emotions are already running very high in Pakistan as well as rest of the Muslim countries in the backdrop of making of blasphemous film by few Americans. Report reaching here from Miran Shah, the headquarters of the North Waziristan agency (NWA) say an American pilotless spying plane commonly known as drone, targeted a vehicle in Tehsil Datta Khel some forty kilometres west of agency headquarters near Pak-Afghan border.

“The American plane fired two to three missiles on a moving vehicle that not only resulted in destroying the targeted vehicle but another passing by vehicle also sustained damages in mountainous Danday Khel area killing three people on the spot and seriously wounding three others”. The locals and the independent sources told Pakistan Observer. It was not clear as to who was the target of the fresh drone hit or if there were wanted people travelling in the vehicle. “The identity of those killed in Saturday’s strikes was immediately not known but this area is mostly occupied by members of the militant commander Gul Bahadur’s group”. A security official said with another official in Miranshah saying the vehicle had been driving through a village 40 kilometer west of Miranshah, the headquarters of North Waziristan agency. However, the locals insisted those killed in the fresh missiles attack were among the ordinary tribesmen who have been falling victim to the American planes attack off and on and nothing to do with the militancy. They further said the US drones could be seen hovering in the area even after the attack sending a wave of harassment and anxiety among the residents of the area.

The American planes commonly known as drones and that have been launching missile attacks in the Pakistani tribal belt for since August 2008; have killed more than three thousand people in over 300 hits mostly in North and South Waziristan agencies.

Out of those strikes, 33 were conducted in 2008 and 53 in 2009. However, the notorious drones struck 118 times in 2010 and more than two dozen attacks were launched in 2011. No doubt, a big majority of the drone’s victims remained the innocent tribals as even admitted by the international watch dogs.

Though a considerable decline was noticed in the drone hits after the NATO forces attack on Salala checkpost Mohmand Agency killing 25 Army men on November 26 last year as the incident had badly stained the PAK-US relations and had led to strong resentment from Pakistani government, the masses as well as the top military leadership of the country, the drones attacks were, however, again paced in the current year.

American planes striking off and on in Waziristan agencies killed hundreds of more people during the last few months with all the appeals made by the Pakistani authorities to honor the sovereignty of the country always falling on the deaf years of the those at the helm of affairs in Washington who are least pushed by the reality that these attacks were proving counter-productive and only multiplying the anti-American sentiments.

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