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6 killed in NWA drone attack

Tariq Saeed

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - Peshawar—While the American adventurism goes unabated in the Pakistani northern tribal belt, a fresh drone attack in the North Waziristan agency (NWA) Monday wee hours killed at least six more people and wounded few others.

The official sources claimed the Monday’s missiles hit victims were the militants.

It was a fourth attack within a weeks time in NWA as four people were killed in a drone attack on Saturday while the predator planes had on Thursday killed up to ten people including few alleged fugitives when they targeted a mosque in Esso Khel area of Tehsil Mir Ali in NWA while six people were killed in a drone attack on Wednesday. The attack was third in the week on Esso Khel village.

Reports reaching here from NWA ‘s summer headquarters Miranshah said a US CIA operated pilotless plane or the drone targeted a house in Esso Khel village some three kilometers south of Tehsil Mir Ali Monday before dawn killing at least six inmates of the compound and injuries to few others.

“The drones fired two hellfire missiles on a suspected compound on the night between Sunday and Monday that destroyed the building and killed as many as six people who are believed to be militants”. The official sources said yet they were unable to ascertain the origin of what they called foreign militants.

The American planes or the CIA operated infamous drones which have been launching missile attacks in the Pakistani tribal belt since August 2004, have killed more than three thousand people in over 300 hits mostly in North and South Waziristan agencies. Out of those strikes, 33 were conducted in 2008 and 53 in 2009. The notorious drones struck 118 times in 2010 and seventeen attacks were launched in 2011. No doubt, a big majority of the drone’s victims remained the innocent tribals.

However, the attack on the Salala military post in Mohmand had resulted in staining the Pak-America relations to a maximum height and the Pakistani government while succumbing to the public pressure also had to halt all NATO supplies to Afghanistan routed through Torkham and Chaman borders besides getting the Shamsi airbase vacated from the Americans. While the US administration has been mounting pressure on his so called active partner (Pakistan) to restore NATO supplies through Torkham and Chaman borders, the drone attacks have also been paced up in the recent days.
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