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3 more killed in NWA drone attack

Tariq Saeed

Sunday, May 27, 2012 - Peshawar—The American planes in a third missile attack with in short span of four days in North Waziristan agency Saturday wee hours killed at least three more people and wounded few others.

Earlier, the notorious drones or the CIA operated pilotless planes, had on Thursday killed up to ten people including few alleged fugitives when they targeted a mosque in Esso Khel area of Tehsil Mir Ali in NWA while six people were killed in a drone attack on Wednesday.

Reports reaching here said the predator planes targeted a two room house built on the first floor of a bakery in the center of Miram Shah, the headquarters of North Waziristan agency with hell fire missiles Saturdayaround 4 in the morning. The compound was reported destroyed with at least three inmates succumbed to their injuries while few others sustained injuries.

While the residents of the area told Observer those killed were the local tribesmen, the official sources came up with a same old song that those killed were the foreigners with two Arab militants and that their dead bodies were taken away by the Taliban.

“There were sounds of huge blasts before dawn and the terrified people came out of their houses but could not get closer to the site of the missiles hit apprehending another drone attack as often practiced by the Americans”. A source told Pakistan Observer.

The American planes or the CIA operated infamous drones which have been on the killing spree in Pakistani tribal belt for the last about eight years, have killed more than 3000 people and wounded many others. However, the missile attacks were intensified in August 2008 and since then in over 250 missiles hits the drones have killed more than two thousand people.

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