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Killers of security-men are foreign agents

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - IN yet another gruesome incident, the allegedly Taliban militants killed 10 security personnel in Aurakzai Agency and their bullet riddled bodies were found in a nullah in Dabori area of upper Aurakzai Monday morning. The slain men in uniform were abducted by the alleged terrorists on December 21, 2011, during a clash with the security forces.

Though the brutal killing is being attributed to TTP by some circles but the way such incidents take place and the overall scenario belie such claims. We have not an iota of doubt that TTP has nothing to do in such heinous crime and it is being blamed by some vested interests as per their well-calculated strategy to force authorities in Pakistan to go for full-fledged operation against TTP in all areas including North Waziristan Agency. While some of the elements in the Pakistan-based TTP had, of course, grievances against Pakistan Army and security forces in the past as they believed that these were doing the job of some foreign powers, others were only concerned about enforcement of Shariah and had nothing to do with the geo-strategic issues. Now that the Pakistan Army has adopted a highly dignified position, which is appreciated by 180 million people of the country, there is absolutely no question of TTP initiating any hostile action against the army or security forces. It is known to all that during the last ten years, the United States has established a virtual parallel state within Pakistan through a network of NGOs, contractors and Raymond Davises who spoil things whenever they want to. The Government is doing its job but the magnitude of the problem requires of the entire population including members of the TTP to keep a strict vigil against nefarious designs of foreign agents who are training, arming and funding anti-Pakistan elements in their bid to destabilise the country.
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