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3 including an Arab killed in NWA drone hit

Tariq Saeed

Tuesday, October 02, 2012 - Peshawar—A fresh American drone attack in the North Waziristan Agency Monday morning killed at least three people. Though some reports suggested an Arab militant was among the killed official sources said the drone strikes could not be ascertained.

There were conflicting reports about the nature of the predators plane attack on Monday as some reports say the pilotless American planes targeted a vehicle in Haider Khel area some 4 kilometers from the main town Mir Ali with at as many as four missiles destroying the vehicle completely and all the people on board, sources in the NWA say it was actually a motorbike which was targeted by the drones and the rider was an Arab militant. “The strike took place in the Haider Khel area of Mir Ali district, 30 kilometers east of Miranshah, the capital of North Waziristan tribal region and the US drones fired four missiles on a militant vehicle, killing three persons on board “. A security official said.

However, the sources as well as some officials said the CIA operated US planes targeted a motorcycle with a couple of projectiles with one missile landing closed to the bike and the other hitting the directly the bike eliminating both the vehicle and the rider who was an Arab militant adding the body of the dead was mutilated badly and beyond recognition.

The horrified locals said they saw many drones many drones hovering in the area before and at the time of the attack. They, however, said they could not get closer to the site of the attack apprehending yet another attack on the gathering as is usually practiced by the US drones.

Even a recently published independent American report confirmed that the drones strikes were not only proving counter-productive and adding to the hatred of the Pakistanis but also creating harassment among the locals who are forced to lead a an uncertain and fearful life.
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