IBA AHC recommends suspending registrar for expelling student


The Institute of Business Administration’s (IBA) Anti-Harassment Committee (AHC) has recommended suspending the educational institution’s registrar for two weeks after he “engineered” the process of expelling a student last year who acted as a whistleblower in a harassment case.

The IBA had last year in October reinstated the student, Muhammad Jibrail, a month after he had been expelled for highlighting a harassment incident at the institute’s finance department.

Dr Asad Ilyas, the institute’s registrar — according to the report — had insisted that Jibrail had become the judge, jury, and the executioner in the harassment case and he had recommended his expulsion. As a result, Jibrail was ultimately expelled.

In the latest report, which has been seen by Geo.tv, the AHC has noted that the registrar used his “influence to expel the student and had he not been part of the meetings which were called to decide Jibrail’s case, the outcome would have been different.”

“The AHC finds that Dr Asad’s behaviour amounted to harassment, being conduct that was severe, persistent, and pervasive resulting in such behaviour adversely affecting Jibrail’s morale and ability to function, as the policy defines harassment,” the report said.

The AHC found that the registrar used his influence on members of the disciplinary committee —who also report to him, putting them in a compromised position — to engineer an outcome of his liking.

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