Haleem holds Murad responsible for child mortality



Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh Monday expressed grief over death of 25 children within a week due to measles in constituency of Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah.

Haleem Adil Sheikh in a statement issued here said that widespread presence of measles and increasing number of casualties in Manchar Lake and surrounding areas indicate that measles has turned into epidemic disease and children in the area were losing lives because of lack of proper arrangements by Sindh health department.

He while holding CM Sindh responsible of the appalling situation said that children are dying due to incompetence and ineptitude of Murad Ali Shah. The entire Sindh province has been handed over for experimentation to a person who was unable to take care of even his home town, he bemoaned.

People of the constituency should hold long march against their MPA Murad Ali Shah who has proved to be corrupt and exponent of destruction of Sindh, Haleem Adil Sheikh said alleging that children and citizens of Sindh are being killed under the patronage of Murad Ali Shah.

If the Health Card facility was available in Sindh, the poor people could get treatment from any major hospital, but PPP Sindh government obstructed the public welfare initiative of PTI government in Sindh on political grounds as PPP has always been against public welfare schemes, said Haleem Adil Sheikh adding that he would visit Murad Shah’s constituency to meet and console the aggrieved people there.

Haleem Adil Sheikh urged people of Sindh to protest in front of Bilawal’s long march to record their discontentment against PPP’s atrocities and abuses and for achievement of their usurped rights.


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