National resolve against mob rule  


AS Sialkot lynching incident is widely being condemned both at home and abroad, civil and military leadership of the country expressed their unflinching resolve that individuals and mobs could not be allowed to take the law into their hands and such acts could not be tolerated.

At a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan to discuss the security situation, the leadership vowed to formulate a comprehensive strategy to curb such incidents and strict punishment to all the perpetrators shall be ensured.

The resolve expressed by civil and military leadership is in line with national aspirations as the growing tendency of mob violence and extremism is inflicting irreparable loss on the country, especially its image in the comity of nations.

It is regrettable that at a time when some foreign powers are hatching conspiracies in their bid to create seeds of discord between Pakistan and its friends, the growing intolerance and bigotry among some segments of the population are making the job of the enemies of the country easier.

The Sialkot incident had the potential to spoil historically friendly relations between Pakistan and Sri Lanka but thanks to the Sri Lankan leadership that the issue has not been allowed to damage overall bilateral relations as is also evident from the welcome statement of the Sri Lankan High Commissioner Mohan Vijay Vikrama “Pakistan and Sri Lanka are friends and would remain friends.

Let me assure you that this incident will not affect our relations”.
No doubt, assurances have been given at the highest level that the Sialkot incident would be investigated on a fast track basis and punishment would be meted out to the culprits whose identity is no secret and sufficient evidence is available to prosecute them.

There are reports that the mob was instigated by some unscrupulous elements because of personal enmity with the factory manager and that religious sentiments of the people have been exploited for personal ends.

This aspect should also be looked into and those behind the tragedy should get exemplary punishment.

As the issue of religious extremism is sensitive, all aspects of the problem should thoroughly be debated in  Parliament and based on the input of the elected representatives a policy should be devised and implemented as well without any exceptions.

In fact, the National Action Plan against terrorism also takes care of the problem but the question arises as to why it is not being implemented in letter and in spirit.

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