An open letter to the US President | By S Nayyar Uddin Ahmad


An open letter to US President

THE joint statement of the Fourth India-US 2+2 Ministerial Dialogue on 11 April 2022 has unwarranted and uncalled for reference of Pakistan, which absolutely absurdly mentions Pakistan in an utterly wrong and highly improper and an undiplomatic manner about the 26/11 Mumbai and Pathankot attacks; as if these false flag operations were not arranged by India and that Pakistan was behind such acts.

Actually, it is the Indian government which has been in the past and still sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan and also shamelessly and openly admitted by Indian NSA Ajit Doval whose videos are available on the Google Link: -

Further proof of Indian sponsorship of terrorism is also proved with admission of killings and sabotage in Pakistan by Indian serving Navy commander Kulbhushan Yadev who was clandestinely sent in Pakistan for terrorism with changed Muslim name (Mubarak Hussain Patel) and fake passport issued officially by India, which India even could not deny at the ICJ’s hearings at the Hague.

Regarding, 26/11 fake Mumbai attack, your honour may peruse the excerpts of a book published in India and written by a German national, which proves with irrefutable facts that it was managed by India to defame Pakistan, detailed as below: ‘The Betrayal of India’: German author accuses India of carrying out pre-planned Mumbai attacks

Elias Davidsson, the German author writes that the 2008 Mumbai attacks were pre-planned and executed by India itself while the United States and Israel were also complicit in conceiving, planning, directing and executing the attacks, claimed the German author challenging the official Indian accounts into the events in which 162 people were killed and over 300 others sustained injuries in a 60-hour long operation.

In the introduction of his book, Davidsson has mentioned that a cursory examination of the news reports regarding the Mumbai events reveals immediately four major reasons for subjecting the official account to an exacting scrutiny: (i) It is puzzling that it took 1,000 police officers, security forces personnel and trained commandos more than 60 hours to subdue ten gunmen scattered over several locations.

(ii) The Indian authorities, including India’s prime minister, immediately blamed Pakistani entities for the attacks, i.e., before any investigation had even started.

(iii) No organization is known to have claimed responsibility for the complex operation conducted in Mumbai.

(iv) The political class of the United States showed immediate and inordinate interest in the events, although they were occurring 8,000 miles away and were not directed at Americans or at an American target.

The above excerpts of the book published by Pharos Media and Publishing Pvt Ltd, New Delhi, is critical evaluation of the official narrative of 26/11, as reflected in court documents and news reports in India.

Your Excellency, about the Pathankot attack you and the American government were very deceitfully misled about this yet another false flag operation by the Indian government for which you must demand an apology from Mr.

Modi after you have read the following article written by an Indian writer Rohan Venkata Ramakrishnan and published in India on 4 January 2016 reproduced below, for your personal information that how the Indians not only befooled your Honour, but the entire State Department of US government, which is an insult to the great American nation, as well.

Pathankot terror attack: Eight crucial unanswered questions from honey traps to a confusing Punjab Police story to the role of Ajit Doval, almost everything about this incident is murky.

Rohan Venkata Ramakrishnan Jan 04, 2016 · 09:15 The authorities have said that Pathankot terror attack, which was prematurely declared over on Saturday, and then on Sunday, has finally ended as of Monday afternoon.

An official from the National Security Guard said that five terrorists who entered the air force base have been killed, after three days of operations which have left 11 security personnel dead and more injured.

Although, initial reports suggested the attackers might have been members of the Jaish-e-Mohammad, the same terror outfit that was responsible for the 2001 attack on the Indian Parliament, another group called the United Jihad Council – actually a conglomerate of several terrorist organizations – has now claimed responsibility for it.

A National Security Guard official told the media that though the fifth terrorist had been killed, combing operations were still on to ensure that the base was secure.

The official also said that all air force assets, including the personnel and their families were safe.

Reportage on the issue has so far been relatively restrained, considering the operations were still ongoing for much of the last few days.

In some cases the media has deliberately not put out information, having learnt from its follies during the 26/11 Mumbai attacks when some of the coverage was blamed for having spread panic and even assisted the terrorists.

Despite this though, questions about the entire ordeal are starting to crop up and, once the dust has settled in Pathankot, authorities will have to take a long, hard look at the way India handles terror.

The Mumbai attacks comparison is instructive. That incident involved armed terrorists walking around highly populated areas in a big city and running into a police force that wasn’t trained to take on militants.

The 26/11 attack would end up going on for four days. This one took place at an air force base very close to the Pakistan border, which was already on high alert because of immediately actionable intelligence.

The Pathankot attack has taken three whole days. The coverage, mostly by reporters covering national security, has started to draw out exactly how many unanswered questions there are about the whole episode. Unanswered questions: 1. First there is the story about the Honey trap.

An air force official had reportedly been conned into working as a “defense analyst” with a magazine in the United Kingdom, when in fact he was allegedly passing on information to intelligence agencies in Pakistan.

Authorities have arrested the air force official and now intend to find out whether he also provided any information about the base in Pathankot.

2. Then there is the thoroughly confusing story about a Punjab Superintendent of Police, Salwinder Singh, who says he was abducted by some of the terrorists while he was driving back from a religious shrine on Friday early morning, along with two others – his jeweler friend and cook.

The abductors, he says, were five heavily armed terrorists in army fatigues.

According to the cook, Madan Gopal, they were overpowered by the terrorists and tied up in the back of the car.

Gopal says they were eventually dumped by the terrorists, who drove away with Singh’s car, which had a blue beacon on top of it.

Questions are being raised about what Singh – who had been transferred from Gurdaspur only recently because of sexual harassment complaints from five female constables – was doing out that late.

Equally confusing is the decision of the heavily armed terrorists to simply dump Singh and the others, when they had reportedly earlier killed a taxi driver to use his car.

To Be Continiuned

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