Prayers for progress offered


Faisal Khawer Bhutt


The Christian community observed Christmas on Wednesday with traditional religious spirit in Sialkot. Special services were held in the churches and cathedrals in the Cantonment area, in Govt Murray College, Mission Hospital and Bethania Hospital, at College road, Rangpura road, Church road, Christian Town, Hunterpura, village Adha and dozens of other localities.
Special prayers for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan were offered during the services in connection with Christmas. A number of beautifully lit Christmas Trees were also set up in the above mentioned areas. Members of the Christian community exchanged gifts, sweets and cakes. Special measures were taken by the district police for the security of the churches and cathedrals in order to avoid any untoward happening. Meanwhile Christian Community of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Wednesday celebrated Christmas with zeal, fervor and traditional enthusiasm.

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