Police nick suspect spotted in footage in model murder case



Staff Reporter

The police team, investigating fashion model Nayab’s alleged murder, claimed on Friday to have nabbed the suspect spotted in a CCTV footage.

The police officials expressed their hope that forensic report will confirm and better details of the video.

The police said that hand marks of the suspect identified as Umair were found in close-circuit footage, which helped led to his arrest from the outskirts of the City.

The officials, however, said that it will be premature to declare the suspect as murder as a forensic report is awaited in this regard.

The police said the suspect, appeared to 30- to 35-year-old, had worn his pajamas and was caught in the camera leaving the murder scene at 5:26 am.

Earlier this week, the police claimed to have made progress in murder of the model, claiming that they have found handprints near the body.

Sharing details, SSP Mansoor Aman had said that they have found a torn net of a window at the backside of Nayab’s home, raising suspicion that the suspect could have fled through there.

“We have also found handprints at the window and have sent the samples for forensic examination,” the police official said, adding that wardrobe of the victim was also found scattered.


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