Seven killed in six days Crime against women sounds alarm bells

Amraiz Khan

Lahore police appeared to have been clueless about the constant killing of women in the City, a wave during which seven women have been killed over the past six days.

Interestingly, the police could not arrest the real culprits of any of the murders. According to details, a wave of murder of women has started in Lahore

. The accused of the women killed in the horrific incidents are roaming freely while heirs of the slain are forced to live at the mercy of criminals.

A well known model was killed in Defense on July 11 in Lahore, Naseem Bibi was killed in Shadbagh on July 12, Rani Bibi was killed in Sherakot on July 14 while three women were killed on July 15.

According to police sources, Nida, a resident of Multan was found dead in a room of Flat in Nawab Town area of the city.

Zubeida’s body was found in Kahna’s graveyard. All the incidents are of different nature. The accused involved in any incident has not been arrested yet.

While in the Kahna area, a man burned his wife alive. According to the police, all the incidents are of different nature and cases are being registered and investigations are underway.

However, the accused involved in any of the incidents have not been arrested yet. In addition, a 25-year-old girl in Nawab Town had ended her life after failing in the CSS exam.

The body of Nida Akbar Khan was found hanging from a fan in a two-room apartment in Nasheman Iqbal Phase-I.

Police reached the spot after receiving a report from the police.
Police said that Nida Akbar failed in the CSS exam twice on which she ended her life. The police further claimed that in a text message found near the dead body, Nida talked about her failure in the CSS exam.

According to police, Nida Akbar is from Multan. She came to Lahore with her mother a few days ago.

Police and forensic teams gathered evidence from the scene, and police said action would be taken upon receipt of a request from the heirs.



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