Virus crisis eases but no let-up for Spain’s ambulances


Sabadell, Spain

Jordi Rodriguez drives the ambulance across the city at top speed as his colleagues in the back start putting on their protective gear.
Although the pandemic has weakened its deadly grip on Spain, there has been no let-up in the “constant tension” faced by ambulance crews who know the coronavirus could be lurking anywhere.
Rodriguez and his team were at the ambulance station at Parc Tauli hospital in Sabadell, north of Barcelona, when a call came in that a 65-year-old woman had collapsed at home.
Although no virus cases had been reported at the address, they took no chances.
“You can’t be sure, because these days anyone could be infected,” said Rodriguez, a stocky 47-year-old with an earring who works for the SEM, the emergency services in the northeastern Catalonia region.—APP

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