UNGA meets today as time running out to avoid climate catastrophe

New York

The annual United Nations General ly high-level segment kicks off on Monday (today) in New York, and several events over the following week will provide a crucial opportunity to accelerate climate action ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow.

The world’s largest diplomatic gathering – this year being held in a hybrid in-person and virtual format – will see political leaders, businesses, and civil society discussing plans to advance action toward net-zero emissions and universal access to energy, take action on climate adaptation and resil-ience, and boost commitments on financing, among other important issues.

The past week saw some concerning develop-ments. First, the latest United in Science Report is a stark reminder that the climate action clock is tick-ing and we are running out of time; and then, an update of national action plans to reduce emissions has revealed that we aren’t doing enough (featured in this newsletter).“We must act now to prevent further irreversible damage. —TLTP

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