Time to stand for Kashmir


In the past whenever any Muslim state heard about any Muslim country facing any kind of problem they used all their power, wealth and resources to help them, they always help that country by good diplomacy because we the Muslim are joined by brotherhood but nowadays many Muslims countries have been facing many problems but the rest of Muslim Ummah doesn’t pay any attention to them.
Unfortunately all our policy making institutions are so stuck in internal policies that they forget changing world around us. We can quote India-occupied Kashmir for example, they have been struggling for the last over 70 years for their rights but India has never accepted their rights. Nowadays the innocent Kashmiris are facing worse conditions as huge paramilitary troops are deployed everywhere in Kashmir. Syed Ali Gillani, the senior most Kashmiri leader, has appealed to the world for help against the Indian brutalities on helpless/hapless and armless Kashmiri people.

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