Motorcycle is one of the cheapest modes of transport and everyone can buy a motorcycle easily because there are not much high prices of motorcycles. Yes, it is an easy to handle transport and we can travel anywhere, parked it in tiny space easily. But, unfortunately, motorcyclists don’t care about their life because they are out of control on roads and create tension and hurdles for others on roads. Almost 70 to 80% motorcyclists have no licence or any legal documents and they are moving on the roads like a prince. Undoubtedly, the motorbike is an easy and cheapest transport but at the same time, it is most dangerous transport as well because there is no support on its sides.
Helmets are important to survive and safe from injury. People don’t pay attention towards safety. Traffic police have spread awareness messages to motorcyclists to wear helmet and protect your live. More than 60% motorcyclists have no manners how to drive motorcycle on roads because they not even bother that they create dangerous atmosphere on the roads. They drive on right fast line and create hurdles for cars and buses. So, traffic police should take serious steps towards them and give serious punishment to these wired bikers so that next time they will not drive rough on roads again.

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