Sajid Sadpara summits K2, decides against retrieving bodies of fallen climbers?


Sajid Sadpara along with other mountaineers has climbed the second-highest global peak-K2- a day after he found the bodies of his father Mohammad Ali Sadpara, Iceland’s John Snorri, and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr at the bottleneck.

A message from the Twitter account of Sajid Sadpara announced the K2 summit from the climber along with Canadian filmmaker Elia Saikaly and Pasang Kaji Sherpa, who launched an expedition to find bodies of the three fallen mountaineers.

In his message, Ali Sadpara said that the last few days have been challenging and lucky for them all, high up in the mountains.

“With whole nation waiting and looking to hear about search and recovery of their hero Ali Sadpara.

We are lucky enough to find the bodies of my companions from K2,” he said added that they were trying to secure and preserve it at a safe location for further possibilities.

He said that being at a very technical and dangerous slope, retrieving it in the first place is challenging and in order to honour his father Ali Sadpara and lost companions, he had once again set his foot on the summit of K2 and secured bodies of fallen climbers to a safe place as instant retrieval from above bottleneck is not possible without endangering many lives.—INP

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