Rooney ‘angry and disappointed’



The 34-year-old was given a watch at his home by a friend who had been tested for the disease and turned out to be positive Wayne Rooney is “angry and disappointed” after he was put in danger of contracting Covid-19 when he was visited by a friend who was infected with coronavirus.
The Derby player-coach was given a luxury watch at his home on Thursday by Josh Bardsley, who should have been in isolation after being tested for the virus and turned out to be positive for Covid-19.
Rooney was not aware that Bardsley was violating government and NHS protocol and went on to play the full 90 minutes as Derby lost to Watford in Friday’s Championship match.
“Wayne met Josh Bardsley briefly when he visited Wayne’s house on Thursday,” he said.
“Wayne was not told by Josh or anyone else before or during that visit that Josh had been told to take a coronavirus test.
“Had he known Josh had been contacted by Track and Trace or had tested positive he would have refused to have seen him.
“Wayne is angry and disappointed that he, his family and his club have been put in this position by someone acting secretly and in breach of government and NHS guidelines. He is now taking a coronavirus test as a result of his contact with Josh.”
Derby reacted to the news by assuring that they are following government advice in the face of the pandemic.—AP

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