JI greets Taliban for achieving historic victory


Jamaat-e-Islami Emir Sirajul Haq has congratulated the Afghan Taliban for achieving a historic victory over foreign invading forces in Afghanistan, terming it a turning point of history and proud moment for entire Muslim Ummah.

Indeed, people of Afghanistan rendered countless sacrifices to witness this day, he said while addressing a party meeting in Peshawar.

“I hope peace and prosperity will return now to the war-torn country,” he said, believing India would no more be able to use the Afghan soil to destabilize Pakistan and region.

He said the invading US and NATO forces, following the international treaties and law, should have handed over Afghanistan to Taliban after leaving the Afghan soil as they had occupied the country 20 years ago with force.

But the foreign invaders, he said, violated the principle and linked the transition to the success of Doha dialogue, having hidden agenda to leave Afghanistan under civil war and turmoil.

However, he said, their conspiracies met with a failure as Taliban took control of the capital in a peaceful manner.

He appreciated the way the Islamic forces took control, hoping now they would bring prosperity, peace and development in the country.

He said he believed the fragrance of the Islamic system which was set to be introduced in the country would spread all over the region and people would benefit from it.

The JI chief later addressed a mass meeting in Mardan and prayed for the peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He said he had a firm belief that the two countries would live like brothers and pay attention on well being of the people of this region.

He said the JI wanted a system of Quran and Sunnah in Pakistan and its all struggle revolved around this very objective.—INP

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