The Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) has expressed serious reservations about the performance of the Pakistan Football Federation’s (PFF) Normalisation Committee (NC).

The NC, now headed by Haroon Malik, was appointed by FIFA in 2019 to oversee the daily workings of the PFF and swiftly conduct elections which are yet to take place. This has caught the eye of Ehsan-ur-Rehman Mazari, Minister of IPC.

The NC has been given a mandate by FIFA to conduct elections as well as run day-to-day affairs but it has done nothing on the first part despite having vowed to hold elections within eight months of the suspension on Pakistan by FIFA being lifted, Mazari was quoted as saying.

The Ministry of IPC has accused the PFF NC members of deliberately tempering with elections date to prolong their tenure.

PFF had earlier announced that the initial steps towards the elections will begin on May 27th but that has not been enough to satiate Ehsan-ur-Rehman Mazari who has threatened to get FIFA involved once again.

We are not interfering in the process but we will be drafting and sending the NC’s performance report to FIFA. We feel that the current members are only interested in receiving their heavy salaries and we want the NC to be changed, Mazari added on the issue.

Pakistan football is just beginning to come out of the cave which it had been thrown into during recent years, so another tug-of-war between government bodies and the PFF may not be beneficial for anyone involved.

Elections seem to be the obvious solution only if the relevant bodies see it that way as well.