Founder Group achieves landslide victory in ICCI elections


Staff Reporter


The Founder Group has achieved landslide victory in the annual elections of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry for the year 2019-20 by defeating the Islamabad United Group with a big margin. Usman Khalid of Founder Group was top winner from corporate class by obtaining 392 votes while Ahsan Zafar Bakhawari of Founder Group was top winner from associate class by getting 696 votes.
Moreover, from corporate class, Founder Group’s candidates Faad Waheed obtained 386 votes, Shaukat Hayat Khan 375, Muhammad Kashif Javed 366, Abdul Rehman Khan 365 and Naeem ur Rehman Piracha 363 votes. However, from corporate class, United Group’s candidates Faisal Muzamil got 103 votes, Syed Hanan Raza Gillani 94, Ibad Khurram 92, Abdul Saman Khan 88, Shahid Ahmed Khan 82 and Syed Ali 80 votes while independent candidate Saifullah Zia got 40 votes.
From associate class, Founder Group’s candidates Mehboob Ahmed Khan obtained 658 votes, Muhammad Aslam Khokhar 646, Abdul Rehman Siddique 646, Saifu ur Rehman Khan 644 and Babu Muhammad Aleem 621 votes. In comparison, from associate class, United Group’s candidates Abid Khan got 237 votes, Mian Basharatullah Kakakhel 228, Shahid Zaman Shinwari 222, Iqbal Hussain Bangash 203, Muhammad Usman Sheikh 202 and Arshad Mehmood 187 votes.
The election for the office bearers of ICCI for 2019-20 would be held on 23rd September 2019. Muhammad Nasir Khan was the Chief Election Commission while Abdul Ghaffar Chaudhry and Muhammad Hussain performed role as members.
Ahmed Hassan Moughal President, Rafat Farid Senior Vice President and Iftikhar Anwar Sethi Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry congratulated the winning candidates of Founder Group and hoped that as Executive Members of ICCI, they would play effective role in promoting the interests and resolving the key issues of business community.

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