Experts advise citizens to stay hydrated in Ramadan


MEDICAL experts Friday advised citizens to increase water intake for avoid heat storks and to maintain required level of minerals in the body especially during fasting in holy month of Ramadan. Talking to a Private news channel, General Physician Dr Haroon Sohail said, during summer outside temperatures soar into the high degree Celsius, which resulted in dehydration as fluids and salts lost rapidly from our body through sweating, he explained.
He asked that children could be at risk as they tend to get dehydrated quicker. He said, citizens often miss out on drinking water as, during the day, they were caught up with their busy schedules. Many thought that it was good enough to drink water only when they were thirsty, which was not the case.
He further explained that water is the essence of nature and life. One could survive without food for weeks but not without water. It was the most important fluid that could replenish your thirst during the holy month of Ramadan. “Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. If you are exercising in hot weather, you lose more fluids,so make sure you drink more water”, he suggested.
Drinking iced water to break fast did not replenish your thirst but could cause your blood vessels to contract and cause indigestion, he said adding, for the reason, it was recommended that drink water at room temperature or slightly cold. Another Physician Dr Asma Shah said, during Ramadan, it was necessary to take plenty of fluids, especially water because of the long period of fasting and high temperatures.
Water, juices and soups, as well as vegetables and fruits, were good sources of fluids for the body. However, a fasting person should drink extra water because water contains no calories and could compensate body’s fluids, she added. Eating meals high in salt and hot spices may increase thirst and the body’s need for water, therefore, such foods were not recommended at Sehri.
Experts said traditionally Muslims prefer to open fast with dates, which has scientific benefits. Energy-rich foods with natural sugars were a great way to provide fast-releasing energy to the system. Things like raw fruit, particularly dates and even fruit juices, were perfect for this. Dr Asma said when it came to meals it’s important not to comprise on balance diet with carbohydrates, potatoes, rice and bread, along with good intake of vegetables, proteins such as meat or fish, and dairy.

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