Encroachments go on unchecked


Illegal encroachments from Central Flats Faisal Town could not be removed despite the Punjab chief minister’s directives regarding a vigorous clean-up campaign to purge the city of encroachments.
In Faisal Town Central Flats, with the sunset, illegal tea and fast food stalls appear in front of houses due to which residents are faced severe difficulties. Residents said that the stall-holders enjoy support of people having political influence that’s why they do not bother any action by the administration.
Locals say the town administration and local police are backing them instead of cracking down on encroachers. Residents of the area have demanded an operation from the Lahore DC and other authorities against encroachments in the domestic area. Encroachment on and around Chungi Amrsadhu Bazaar has made the lives of citizens miserable.
Shopkeepers and peddlers on both sides of the bazaar have taken over and set up encroachments on the sidewalks, including the main highway, which has made the lives of commuters miserable.
On the other hand, the district administration has completely failed to clear the encroachments in and around Chungi Bazaar.
Residents have appealed to the government to resolve the issue immediately to prevent the lives of citizens from becoming indigestible.

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