Ayesha Omar calls out ageist remarks on Mahira Khan’s new picture


Ayesha Omar, who is famous for supporting her coworkers on and off social media, has retaliated against trolls who have made ageist comments against Mahira Khan.

Mahira’s post-shoot picture with Zahid Ahmed and Sheheryar Munawar, who have joined up with the Raees actress for an upcoming project, has been circulating on social media recently. Zahid announced their partnership with a picture he posted on Twitter.

In his tweet, Zahid revealed that he and Mahira will be starring in a short film directed by Sheheryar Munawar. “Sweaty and exhausted at pack up of our short film with a powerful message. Huge shoutout to @ItsSheheryar who has superbly directed it and such a pleasure to find that the biggest superstar we have – @TheMahiraKhan – is also an extremely humble and positive person to work with,” he wrote.

When the photo was shared on Instagram, however, people chastised Mahira for “looking too old.” “Mahira Khan tou sabki mama lag rahi hai,” one person commented, despite the fact that she’s clearly not as dressed up as she appears in photos that circulate online. “Mahira looks soooooo old,” said another. “And what’s wrong with that?” Ayesha replied. “She is beautiful inside out, regardless of the number of years she has lived. We are all older and hopefully wiser.” Ayesha continued.

The Karachi Se Lahore star reiterated that every human being is bound to age “and go through that natural process of life.” She urged fans to think before they speak. “Can we please take a step back and check our words?” asked Omar. “Can we please stop shaming others for their age, color, physical appearance, clothes etc? Your bio says you’re a psychologist, shouldn’t you be more aware of this?” continued Ayesha.

She went on to say that she wasn’t trying to pick on one user in particular, but that the remarks had “really got to her.” The Yalghar star concluded, “Let’s be kinder, let’s put ourselves in others’ shoes, sending you love and light.

It is commendable how Ayesha Omar stood up for her fellow actor and was confident enough to call out people on their ageist remarks. Aging is a phenomenon of life and it shows the years one has lived. So why is it criticized and not celebrated?

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