ARL refutes news report



This is with reference to the news circulating in the print and electronic media regarding shortages of petrol especially North of the country and some maligning Attock Refinery Limited (ARL) in this context.
At the very outset, ARL strongly refutes the above impression as overall share of ARL in country motor gasoline supplies in less than 5% and has marginal impact on the country level. ARL being located in the North of the country is the only refinery processing 100% indigenous crude and has been playing a proactive role and supporting government efforts by providing non-stop fuels supplies to the OMCs. The strategic importance of ARL has been proven time and again by its ability to augment country’s defense by providing uninterrupted supply of refined petroleum products to the armed forces during the critical time of war and any other incident affecting petroleum supply chain.
The business environment of the country during the last two years has remained very challenging and disturbing for Oil Refining Sector in Pakistan. Taking cognizance of the financial difficulties of the local refineries, Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) has formed a Refinery Working Group to work out different plans for mitigating refinery losses and formulate a comprehensive policy framework for future Refinery Expansion & Up-gradation. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 pandemic, progress got delayed.—PR

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