1st Bank of Khyber Junior Squash Championship



As a step towards revival of squash’s Golden era in Pakistan, 1st Bank of Khyber Junior Squash Championship was held in Hashim Khan Squash Complex Peshawar from 23 to 25 July, 2019.
The Bank of Khyber as part of its corporate social responsibility supports healthy sports activities which contribute positively towards our society, taking a lead in KP Bank of Khyber has started to promote squash in Pakistan by initiating 1st Bank of Khyber Junior Squash Championship in collaboration with KP Squash Association, the championship comprises of matches which were held over a span of three days, whiletaking a start from junior championship in KP, the same will further be extended to the National arena.
Abdullah Nawaz won the championship after defeating Sakhi Kareem in a thrilling final held on 25th July, 2019.
Chief Guest & Managing Director BOK Mr. SaifUl Islamdistributed cash stipend among all participants and trophies and Squash kits were given to the winner & Runner, Mr. SaifUl Islam speaking on the occasion stressed upon the need of healthy sports activities in our day to life and how it impacts our mental and physical well-being, furthermore Mr. Saiful Islam reaffirmed BOK’s commitment towards bringing back the old glory of squash by sponsoring various tournaments and giving out financial support to deserving players so they can represent Pakistan in the international arena.
Former Squash champion & President KP Squash Association Mr. Qamar Zaman thanked the Bank of Khyber for their initiative of promoting squash in Pakistan as it will serve as a platform for young prayers to come to the lime and bring glory back to squash in the national & international arena”.—Agencies