Zain renews pledge to fight for democracy

Raza Naqvi

Central leader of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Mr. Zain Qureshi elder son of detained Vice Chairman PTI Shah Mahmood Qureshi while visiting District Jail Attock on Monday has reaffirmed the commitment of PTI Leader Imran Khan to fight against the anti-democratic powers of the country till the rule of law, justice and restoration of real democracy through conduct of impartial and free elections in the country.

These views he expressed while addressing the media at the Al-Murtaza House Attock. Among others, he was also extended warm welcome by the former provincial minister Punjab Syed Yawar Bokhari, PTI District President Attock expected candidate MPA Attock Qazi Ahmed Akbar, General Secretary, PTI Attock Mr. Ahmed Nawaz along with PTI workers came across the district. Speaking on the occasion, Zain Qureshi also expressed this thanks giving remarks to all the PTI activists with the hope that the jail filling movement of PTI workers launched by Imran Khan will be continued till getting its goals.

He also appreciated the offer of court arrest by PTI leader candidate MNA-50 Attock Syed Zulfiqar Abbas Bokhari (Zulfi Bokhari) hailing from Attock. Mr. Zain Qureshi further said that his father was arrested from Lahore and they were being refused to see him under one pretest or the other despite their repeated attempts but they would never leg behind from the ongoing movement till its conclusion.