WWF-P satisfied over increase in mangroves

Staff Reporter

Amid countless threats the cover of mangroves in the deltaic region of the Indus river has increased significantly.

According to a study carried out in recent times, it has increased from 86000 hectares to 130,000 during the past 15 years and this increase can be attributed to the government as well the non-governmental organizations who took efforts to preserve mangroves for a healthy ecosystem stated the World Wide Fund for Nature-Pakistan (WWF-P) in a statement released on World Mangroves Day.

The study shows that mangroves play an instrumental role in a healthy ecosystem and people in the deltaic region directly rely on mangroves as their source of livelihood.

Around three decades ago there were as many as 8 species of mangroves but now there are only four species of mangroves found in this country.

The number of species has reduced drastically owing to climate change and other multiple threats that still exist.

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