World becoming voice of Imran against Islamophobia: Sarwar


Holds meetings with different delegations

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that the world is becoming the voice of Prime Minister Imran Khan against Islamophobia. The world must understand that the only way to peace in the world is to eradicate Islamophobia, he said adding there is no doubt that Islamophobia and extremism differ only in name.

He said, “The work being done to promote religious harmony in Pakistan is unparalleled in the world. Religious freedom and protection of minorities in Pakistan is the responsibility of the government for which all measures are being ensured. India has unfortunately become the most dangerous country for minorities in the world.”

The Governor Punjab was talking to delegations of people belonging to different religions led by Chairman Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad, Pir Nazim Hussain Shah and others at Governor House Lahore on Monday. On the occasion, Governor Punjab appreciated the role of scholars and leaders of other religions in promoting religious harmony in Pakistan.

Chaudhry Sarwar said that there is no precedent in the world for the religious freedom enjoyed by minorities in Pakistan. We are not only ensuring religious freedom for minorities in Pakistan but also providing basic facilities to minorities including health and education. There is no doubt that protection and religious freedom of minorities is essential for the development, peace and stability of any country. In countries where minorities do not enjoy religious freedom and protection, those societies are destroyed.

He said that unfortunately genocide of Muslims and other minorities is being carried out in India. The extremist terrorists of RSS have the full support of Indian government agencies and Narendra Modi. He further said that International human rights bodies, including the United Nations, should take serious note of this to prevent further genocide of minorities living in India and compel India to protect the lives and property of minorities as well as their religious freedom.

Governor Punjab said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is raising voice all over the world against Islamophobia by becoming the leader of Muslim Ummah. It is the result of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s struggle that after Vladimir Putin, Justin Trudeau is also announcing practical measures against Islamophobia.

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