Wahab alleges Khan main cause of sinking economy



Spokesperson of Sindh Government and Adviser Law Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that today Pakistan’s economy is going through a difficult period because of Imran Khan. Imran Khan gives such statements in the love of his own self which harms Pakistan. He expressed these views while addressing a press conference in the committee room of the Sindh Assembly today.

He said that Pakistan is also facing the current energy crisis in the world and it is a pity that economic terrorism happened in Pakistan in the last four years. We all suffer from Imran Khan’s economic policy, even Pakistan was in a position of default and today because of Imran Khan, the economy is going through difficult times. He said that instead of dispersing, we should unite and face these problems and end the situation of political chaos with our policies and announcements because when there is political stability, there will be economic stability.

It is not a happy thing when there is no investment in Pakistan.  He further said that Imran Khan did nothing to find gas reserves and when the price of LNG was very low, Imran Khan’s government did not buy LNG. He also said that we have been hearing since April that the assemblies will be dissolved if Imran Khan wanted to dissolve the assembly, then do it. Now in December, he repeatedly says that a big announcement is going to be made but then the date has been given and they come to the court giving an undertaking that we will not dissolve the assembly and the Chief Minister of KP is standing guard outside Imran Khan’s house in Lahore instead of his people. Imran Khan does not want political stability in the country, he is only interested in power, when institutions are strong, Pakistan will be strong. He added that in the flood situation, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister sat with the people, while Imran Khan collected money from the telethon, now the people are asking where is that money?

They don’t know where the money they ask for Shaukat Khanum Hospital goes, on the contrary, Bilawal Bhutto is fighting the case of Pakistan all over the world and the Sindh government is continuing the relief work. The recent rains in Pakistan have affected 1.8 million people and some houses have been completely destroyed. The Sindh government is going to spend one and a half billion dollars on the rehabilitation of the flood victims. He said that Pakistan is an agricultural country, 65 percent of our population belongs to the agricultural sector.

During the period of Imran Khan, everything from wheat was being imported and wheat was not being imported during the PPP era because all this became possible due to the farmer-friendly policies of the PPP.

Now wheat cultivation has been done in flood affected districts. In the agricultural sector, 13.5 billion rupees are being spent to help flood victims and 50 billion rupees are going to be spent on repairing roads across Sindh.The spokesperson of the Sindh government while answering the questions of the journalists said ” now Karachi is developing.  When people got a bus route, it was opposed by Hafiz Naeem. When Waseem Akhtar was the Advisor for Home, the tragedy of May 12 took place during his tenure because those who want to sell disappointment will continue to do. People should understand what the past of Wasim Akhtar is and what the past of Hafiz Naeem is.

Waseem Akhtar enjoyed himself for four whole years and finally left by selling the papers. Now Karachiites need improvement in the form of 1122. People of Karachi want improvement in the form of People’s Bus Service. Karachi needs health facilities in the form of NICVD and all this in the form of development and prosperity of the city. It is only given by Sindh government of People’s Party. We have served without discrimination and equally and will continue to serve beyond negative politics and criticism, now the people will decide who talked and who acted”.