Sindh Govt running away from LB’s elections: Khurram



PTI’s Parliamentary leader in Sindh assembly said that Sindh government has started correspondence to run away from local body elections.

People’s Party should be ashamed of calling itself a democratic party. In a statement on Monday he said that PP is extremely nervous about going to the people. These days they invent such logic that even if snakes die, even sticks do not break.

They say that the source of democracy is the people, but the opinion of the people is not important. The PTI leader said that elections cannot be postponed on the basis of constituencies. It was also important to amend the Local Government

Bill for powers under the court order. But according to the order, the amendment in the bill was ignored. PPP and MQM are playing the game of own chit and own pit. All the tactics of PP to postpone local body elections will fail.

The Election Commission has one last chance to prove it impartial. The postponement of local body elections will be like crushing the rights of the people.KS Zaman said that a 20kg bag of flour is being sold at an all-time high in Karachi. The rulers of Operation Regime Change took away the mouthpiece from the citizens.

PPP does not see the pain of the people of Karachi. PPP left no stone unturned to prove itself as an enemy of the people with its performance. It has been proved that the Sindh government has nothing to do with the people. The Parliamentary leader said that People’s Party’s full focus is only on buying conscience in Punjab.