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Bad to worse

Pakistan is the fifth most populous country with almost 4.4 million people joining the nation every year. Especially, our economic and social indicators are turning from bad to worse with each passing day, and we are unable to provide basic utilities to the people. Without basic rights, like education, health, housing and jobs, the rapidly growing population is not an asset; it is a liability adding to our economic woes.

If we see Belgium, whose population is less than Pakistan, we can observe that the size of its (Belgium) economy is almost double (S 578 billion) than the size of our economy. It may be taken into consideration that if we don’t put a cap on the disproportionately growing population, then the hell is waiting for us.


Khuzdar Wadh

Tourism vs terrorism

Due to its geographically and ethnically diverse land as well as diverse culture, Pakistan continues to be one of the best places for foreign tourists to spend their vacation. When foreign tourists interact with local cultures, they become inspired by some aspects of local customs and even adopt some of them. The characteristic of the Sindh culture, for instance, is hospitality. Pakistan is home to many popular tourist destinations, including Swat, Kalam, Malam Jabba and Murree.

After visiting Pakistan extensively in 2018, the British Backpacker Society selected it as the #1 adventure travel destination in the world, describing it as one of the world’s friendliest nations. Foreign tourists are drawn to Pakistan because of its many picturesque mountains, valleys, and hills, especially during the summer.

Pakistan’s soft side is revealed through tourism which also continues to be a strong economic driver. Pakistan has some of the best heritage sites in the world, ranging from Moenjo-daro and Harappa to the Indus valley civilization’s Moenjo-daro and Indus delta mangroves, according to the World Economic Forum’s travel and tourism report. The tourism sector generates commercial and job opportunities; these include hotels, travel companies, and tourist attractions. People are reluctant to travel to Pakistan due to (alleged) terrorism.

Meanwhile, bad administration has a detrimental effect on tourism, as seen in cases like blocked/rough roads. Today we are aware of Pakistan’s economic situation, and we know that one of the best sources of the country’s revenue is tourism. Hopefully, the authorities will do something for the promotion of tourism in the country.


Naushahro Feroze

Energy crisis

The Pakistani economy has been hampered by a prolonged electricity shortage. It is causing our people a great deal of hardship. Those with the means have been utilizing more electricity than they should while leaving others in the dark. We have a 4000 MW, or more than 50%, of the overall power generation capacity, insufficient supply of electricity. A serious electricity crisis is currently affecting our nation. To conclude, Pakistan ultimately faces the risk of running out of natural energy supplies. Our government needs to stop relying on oil and start investing in alternate energy sources. Due to the disproportionate requirement for foreign expenses, it also causes an economic crisis. To stop environmental pollution, we should invest in clean fuels and lessen our dependency on imported electricity and gasoline



Load shedding in Hayatabad!

I would like to draw the attention of the higher authorities towards load shedding in Hayatabad Phase 6, Peshawar. There is no power theft as well as kunda system in the area, and even the bill collection from the area is 100 per cent.

In spite of all this, the residents of the area continue to be subjected to long hours of load- shedding every day. The authorities concerned are requested to please resolve the problem as soon as possible, and don’t make people’s life miserable.



Sweden and Finland joining NATO

After Russia attacked Ukraine, there has been the situation of uncertainty in the whole of Europe. The non-NATO countries are feeling insecure. Hence, they have speeded up their efforts to join the military group. The total number of NATO has increased to 32, after Finland and Sweden joined the bloc.

The main reason of their membership was to secure their borders with Russia. Moreover, the membership would not only help the respective countries but also the USA to keep a close eye on her arch-rival. On the other hand, Russia would consider it attack on her sovereignty and would try to retaliate back. In the end, the world does not deserve another war, hopefully all the issues would be solved through diplomatic channels.



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