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No confidence motion!

Regardless of any affiliation with any-political-party, this scribe is compelled to write that opposition parties are so far confident that they will bring down the present ruling party through much hyped – no confidence motion. The government, on the other hand, also appears most optimistic to defeat any move of the opposition. This scribe thinks, if such a struggle is made for solving problems of the people, it will be much; much better certainly.

Though the opposition is claiming support of sufficient members from (even) PTI’s ranks, yet not sure till final voting, because changing loyalties will remain till last moment. On the other hand, the opposition understands that failure will bring them into more embarrassment, and even if they succeeded, it will set a bad precedent for future politics – as you sow, so shall you reap. So, political stability in any way should not be put at stake for the sake of petty personal interests (!).

Oh’ dialogue is the best way for defusing current political tension and give a positive message about the country as happens in developed countries. Past record of our politics is that we voted very high for wining of a candidate, and then, from the very next day started opposition for government’s fall – if not captured his/her liking chamber. So, elected party starts defending instead of working for betterment of the State. And, then, after 2/3yr no-confidence-movement starts with full-swing-of-dance. So, government diverts priorities of development towards defending (her) own position.

So, let’s give hand-in-hand in working of elected government for the remaining period. And, after completion of tenure inquire about achievement/s. And, if found guilty, hang-the-elected-reps in D-chowk like China – to whom world is quoting example of success. So, pith and marrow of this writing is that – no-confidence motion – at present, is destructive in the case of economy and completion of running projects which will compel the country one step back certainly. Note it!!


Tatrinote, AK

Perplexing politics

It is an open secret that politics is all about power heist, no matter what and how it is done. A thorough glimpse into the perplexing politics of Pakistan demonstrates its ugly face, and uglier in the past few days. Power, privilege and position are the utmost priorities of any political set-up of Pakistan since its inception. Pakistani people have been suffering from opportunism and incompetency and the list goes on.

In the past seven decades, Pakistan’s political portion remained as accused as ever. None of it completely complete its tenure. As the opposition is dubbing the ruling party’s performance as a Faustian bargain. By all means and measures, the penalties are coming but into the wallet of the underprivileged portion, who are already suppressed from the skyrocketing inflation.

Comprising nearly half of the country’s population, the plight of the underprivileged and destitute portion remained worsening. Black-marketing, profiteering and opportunistic hunt and manipulated price hike are but normal.

The political agents need to avert their agendas and work for the nation from whom they become elite. None Pakistani political set-ups worked for the betterment of the nation’s livelihood and were apt to uplift the living standard of it. The nation is paying a deaf ear to whether it is OIC conference or No-trust-move owing to being aware of the lust and power heist of Pakistani perplexing politics. Pakistani politics is mired in the abusive arguments, accusations and warnings. No idea how long the political rhetoric would be borne by the nation along with the already dire state of democracy.



Important and urgent please

Can one most urgently look for any provision and arrange to convey this important message to our illustrious captain on the field so that we may not miss a winning opportunity.

Authorities please act and Nauman should himself realize that he does not have needed nip and bounce to take wickets. Mostly he takes wickets by fluke or when batters themselves get out looking for urgent runs. Although Sajid may prove costly, he does have the needed nip and bounce to take wickets. The best bowlers with line, length, nip and bounce for wickets are first Shadab and followed closely by Nawaz.

MashaAllah our pacers have speed, skill, stamina, nip and bounce to take shock the best batters and send their wickets cart wheeling or forcing them to edge or sky catches. Here much depends on our fielders being acumened, active, alert and alive. Our batters may excel but need to be accustomed to in grafting innings in ones and twos depending on the situation and format of the game. Shukria Pakistan. All the best Pakistan. Thank you.



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