India misleads UN experts on Afghanistan, Pakistan


Reports reaching here from New York noted that Indian officials have recently provided unauthenticated and twisted “evidences” about Pakistan’s alleged support to militant groups and misinformed the UN personnel’s in order to undermine efforts for peace in Afghanistan.

A UN official requesting anonymity told our Special Correspondent in New York that when India invited experts of UN Analytical Support and Sanction Monitoring Team to India during March 8-10 the officials were flooded with anti-Pakistan and anti-Taliban fake stories.

Taking advantage of its position as chair of UN Security Council’s Counter Terrorism Committee, the senior Indian officials including, Foreign Secretary Harsh Verdhan and Deputy National Security Advisor Rajinder Khanna while briefing the CTC experts offered concocted information claiming that Afghan Taliban had maintained links with Al Qaeda, and Kashmiri militants.

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and even Bangladesh have often complained that Indians regularly manufacture fake scenarios and concocted stories to malign its neighbors to increase international pressures leading to imposition of sanctions. At least two Muslim countries have recently informed that back in 2020-2021 Indians had launched series of fake campaigns to harm relations with Pakistan but soon became naked by their own handlers.


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