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Dual national holding elected public office

While we support PM Imran’s efforts for restructuring economy and widening tax net, the recent proposal discussed by federal cabinet regarding eligibility of dual nationals to contest elections and hold elected public office is deplorable and unacceptable. The PM must remember that he was elected by people of Pakistan to serve them and uphold the constitution in letter and spirit. This proposal comes after his return from what is considered to be a successful trip to USA, where he addressed a large gathering of Pakistani origin American nationals, who have contributed financially to help him in his various projects such as SKMCH etc.
However, PM Imran Khan must remember that Quaid created this country for people of Pakistan, who consider this as motherland, where they would live and die and be buried in the soil that they loved. To even consider making eligible an individual who on oath has affirmed that “I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiances and fidelity to any state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen” is grotesque and contradicts the spirit of our constitution and vision of Father of Nation.
I hope better sense would prevail and our PM focuses on task to uplift our economy, eradicate extremism, take concrete steps to boost our exports, increase production, uphold rule of law, provide justice, restore our national dignity, broaden tax net and not get bogged down in issues that have been settled by Constitution, which on oath he promised to uphold and protect. Pakistan has suffered enough at hands of men with split loyalties. It is precisely for this reason that India, Malaysia, etc, all former colonies, do not allow dual nationality.

New East India Company

I and members of my family voted for PTI in the hope that they will cleanse this country of ruling elite which has no stakes in this country and have plundered it ruthlessly. These dual nationality holders live in Pakistan only if they are voted to power. The Federal Cabinet decision to support the move to allow individuals, who while pledging loyalty to become citizens of another country, have on oath revoked their allegiances to Pakistan and have also promised to do all that is required of them to protect and safeguard the national interest of their newly adopted nation to contest polls to our Parliament is deplorable and detestable. Are we a Banana Republic? This was definitely not in agenda of our Founding Fathers led by Quaid-e- Azam, Allama Iqbal etc.
Mohammad Ali Jinnah and other stalwarts of AIML waged a constitutional struggle for self rule, to rid this country of being ruled by British Raj colonialists and their native collaborators who were willing to betray their motherland in return for land, titles and other financial benefits. The Raj ruled India for over 200 years with the help of many Mir Jaffers and Mir Sadiqs. Nearly a million men, women and children died while migrating to Pakistan, where they could live in modern democratic welfare state that MAJ promised them.
All these sacrifices would be in vain if rule by white British colonialists was to be replaced by brown citizens of Pakistani descent or origin, who live abroad with their families, where their assets are located and have on oath pledged their loyalty to USA, Canada, UK etc. They will now come with foreign funding and seek election in our Parliament and rule us. It makes me angry and sad.

Unethical Father-daughter relation

One of the sacred relation is a father-daughter relation but retrogression of our society can be judged from an unbelievable tragic and heart wrenching incident in Bahawalpur that a man reportedly found guilty of raping his 18-year old daughter multiple times and forced for abortion after pregnancy. The wife of the accused man had left him five years ago after being tired of physically abused on a daily basis. They have five children in total, including two sons and three daughters. A nine-year-old brother of the victim has complained to local feudal lord about her daughter’s ordeal which led to a lodging of an FIR against the culprit.
Such tragic incidents have been taking place in our society since long but neither are disclosed nor reported. It is really a matter of grave concern how to get away from such incidents and what proactive measures should be taken to avoid such incidents. One of the steps could be taken to avoid such incidents that if husband and wife decide to part their ways, daughters should live with mother and sons should go with father once they reach the age of puberty. Moreover, widower and widow should be bound to get marry to another woman and man respectively.

Avoid unpleasant controversies

PTI Federal Government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan faces host of internal challenges topped by economic crisis internally and serious challenges like persistent hostilities by India externally. The federal government under energetic and determined leadership of PM Imran Khan is making all out efforts for overcoming these internal and external challenges squarely and boldly and concentrating on policies and programmes for the welfare and wellbeing of the people at large throughout the country in accordance with PTI election manifesto.
But one feels sorry to point out that the good things being done and good intentions to do still better are somehow being undermined by most unfortunately unwelcome, unpleasant and avoidable controversies which are being created by PTI federal ministers quite unnecessarily. Those treading the corridors of power should better concentrate on projecting and telling the people at large through print as well as electronic media as to what is being done to overcome economic crisis and putting the country on the path of progress, development and prosperity. They should concentrate more on what they are doing for the betterment of the people and stop dilating in any manner on what the former ruling parties and their rulers had done.
The PM should very strictly direct the federal ministers and party leaders to avoid getting involved in one or the other controversy every now and then and concentrate on their own work assigned by him (PM). It is also worth mentioning here that despite having number of advisors and special assistants the PTI’s media wing is very weak as compared to PPP and PML(N)’s media wings. The PTI somehow also do not have all that friendly print and electronic media and this needs to be looked into on a priority basis by the PM himself.

Hepatitis Day

Every year on 28th July, the world celebrates Hepatitis Day. The stark truth is that Hepatitis is spreading rapidly in Pakistan. The number of patients suffering from this disease is increasing on a daily basis. These include autoimmune hepatitis that occurs as a secondary result of medications, drugs, toxins, and alcohol. We should take precautionary measures because treatment of the disease is complex and expensive. About two million people are suffering from this disease.
Pakistan has the second highest number of Hepatitis patients. Thousands of people are annually dying in the prime years of their age, although they can be saved by proper screening and treatment, which is now cost effective, easy and in the financial range of most people. The WHO is urging countries to take rapid action to improve knowledge about the disease and to increase access to testing and treatment services. Today, only one in 20 people with viral Hepatitis knows he carries the virus and just one in a hundred with the disease is being treated. This can result in real possibility of developing fatal liver disease at some point in their lives and in some cases unknowingly transmitting the infection to others.
The Hepatitis disease causes the inflammation of the liver while viral Hepatitis refers to a few specific viruses including A, B, C, D, E, F, and G that primarily attack the liver and are responsible for about half of all human Hepatitis. The most common viruses are: A, B and C. All the stakeholders must play their part in controlling the fatal disease.

Uzair Jagirani kidnapping case

Nowadays Larkana district is the centre of kidnappers. The people are feeling unsafe in the environment of the district. Kidnapping is the violation of fundamental rights of children. In the recent past, Uzair Jagirani s/of Bashir Jagirani was kidnaped from Khair Bux colony, Larkana.
Even after a month, Police have not been able to recover the eleven-year old boy from kidnappers. Parents of the boy are in pain and request the IG of Sindh, DIG and SP of Larkana to take an immediate notice on the matter, provide justice and put culprits behind bars.

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