It hurts us deeply why not you


Mubashir Iqbal Kitaba

KASHMIR which is famous for its unique beauty, culture, hospitality of its inhabitants, calm and loving behaviour of its people all over the world and is known as the paradise on earth. People came here to enjoy its beauty and pleasant whether from almost all parts of the world. Kashmir where all faiths of people live in complete harmony and in mutual brotherhood since ages and share one another’s joys, grief and sorrow with equal pain and suffering. But this is only one side of the coin. The other side paints a very grim and horrific picture where one sees humiliation, beating, torture, rape, extrajudicial killings, disappearances shutdowns and mothers wailing, beating their chests, fathers shoulder the coffins of their young sons, sisters breaking their bangles, neighbours’ shower flowers and candies and relatives sung the songs as their young and innocent lads fall to the bullets.
Those who are at the helm of affairs watch every bit of happenings and tragedies as mute spectators. The world community, United Nations, European Union, Organization of Islamic cooperation are in deep slumber and equally responsible for our miseries. The inhabitants are raising cries which are enough even to melt the stones but unfortunately put no impact on those who claim to be sympathizers and well-wishers of human value. Kashmiris are dying. Our young generation is falling to the bullets of the oppressor. Our graveyards are full now, not have the space to adjust more fallen flowers. In every nook and corner of the Valley even the graveyards are crying now and asking us to stop as we can’t bear more bosoms in our lap as the courage and patience which we carry from a very long time will burst by the weight of these young bosoms. Recently a boy from Spore town of the Baramulla district in North Kashmir took arms against the Indian rule. Though I do not know him personally nor have ever met him. I only came to know from social media of his joining the militant ranks when his picture holding an AK-47 gone viral. This young boy who was a student of class 12th was so handsome and beautiful that I believe that even moon has sometimes asked him to give me light. His charming and innocent face is enough to melt anyone’s heart and would bring tears into one’s eyes and makes them to think why this young lad who was in his teens chose the path of armed resistance. Adnan Ali Channa was his name who was killed in a gun-battle a few days ago with the government forces in Gund Brath village of spore town of Baramulla district. A video of his came through my eyes on social media which makes me restless and gives me sleepless nights. In that video when his coffin was taken towards the martyr’s graveyard, a boy may be was his friend was shouting his name while crying. His cries were enough even to shake the seven skies. He was calling to his fallen friend by his name Adnan, Adnan, Adnanakathkarta (Adnan, Adnan, Adnana Please speak to me my friend) and kissing his face and body which was severely pierced because of bullets his body had received. Was Adnan really a dreaded terrorist and threat to the India’s sovergenity. The newspaper reports suggest that an AK-47 and three magazines have been recovered from his possession after the encounter. Instead of killing him they would have surely saved him by catching him alive as these young lads have no arms training.
But unfortunately he got killed as no one takes pains, steps and courage to ask those who are at the helm of affairs and who claim to be the well-wishers and guardians of our life and property never ask and told their masters the reality, truth and reasons behind taking up arms by these young boys. Surely Adnan has left us and has now enjoying the bounties of Almighty Allah in his paradise but the void and pain he has left behind for us, parents, relatives, friends and well-wishers would never be filled by any means and measures. Wouldn’t have Adnan called out his mother aloud when the first bullet has pierced through his tender body. Adnan has left many questions behind which seek immediate answers for the whole of the world community, the champions of democracy, the human rights defenders and to those who claim to be protectors and well-wishers that what led him and others like him to prefer death over life. They will never answer this question despite the fact that they very well know the reasons behind and the ground realities of his choosing the armed path as Adnan Ali Channa was not their own son. And if he would have been then steps would have been taken much earlier to address this issue once and for all.
— The writer is PhD Research Scholar, Srinagar Kashmir.

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