The winning team


Fakir S Ayazuddin

I do not bow down except to Allah. I will not let my country bow down to anyone. Imran Khan was addressing the rally at Capital One Park in Washington. His remark got me to reminisce about my days at boarding school in England. In 1955 my headmaster sent for me and informed me that the British Government had offered passports to all ex-colonial subjects. I replied I will have to consult my father who called every Sunday. When he did call I informed him of the headmaster’s offer, he was furious and snapped. “You tell that so and so that we waited for 200 years to get rid of the British rule, and I certainly will not accept a British passport for my son. I am proud to be a Pakistani.”
Imran Khan’s speech in Washington brought back that moment of pride in being a Pakistani. We have through a succession of incompetent and corrupt leaders been dragged down in all indicators, government, economic, political, industrial, financial and social. We are at the bottom of every indicator, thanks to our inapt leadership. Thankfully, today Imran Khan’s 3-day US trip has succeeded in transforming Pakistan into a new era, with a promise of a bright future. Whether Imran succeeds to give us economic prosperity it remains to be seen and his dependent on the vagaries of good fortune but he has definitely kindled a spark of hope in all Pakistanis. The disgust at our present and past governments has changed dramatically into one of a bright future.
Imran has brought Islamic zeal to the fore and is an example of his own life. The missionary spirit as practiced by him in his behaviour towards others and his living should be an example for the young to follow, even President Trump commented on his clean image, and drawing admiring glances from the First Lady. These are all indications of a clean healthy image which is admired and should be followed by the young to emulate.
For too long has Pakistan suffered under the negative image of radical terrorism, epithets such as Taliban Khan reverberated through the social-media. Now it is becoming fashionable to have a new lead to follow. Imran Khan the clean and the achiever is now the new fashionable icon with the super celebrity status. This is indeed something money cannot buy, or power dictate. This can only be attained as a blessing. We Pakistanis are indeed fortunate to have these qualities in our Prime Minister, making him that special person.
Pakistan had all the ingredients of a great country, a leadership was missing. Now we have a leader that is being recognized by other countries. Imran must take the opportunity now to put in place the best team. He can choose from talents across the world. People will flock to assist him and work with him to become part of the Imran Pakistan success story. Everybody loves a winner and wants to be part of the winning team. He has set the bar and should now send out the call for the best. They will all come forward.

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