UNs 74th Session and Kashmir’s Solutions


Sadam Hussain Channa

THE 74th session of the UN General Assembly is going to held annual session from September 17 to 27, 2019. This is an opportunity for Islamic Republic of Pakistan to present Kashmir issue in UNGA through annual independent participation and with the help of P.5-countries (USA, Russia, UK, France and China) and UFC-Coffee Club (Pakistan’s UN-group). The purpose of the United Nations (U.N) is the maintenance of international peace and security. It has mixed records. The UN has been successful in socio-economic field. But it is failure in political domain which overshadowed its social services.
To analyze UN’s Policy and its mission and vision on Kashmir issue. One can say UN is failed to maintain peace in the World. There are many other solutions which I would like to present. To present solutions of Kashmir issue, one ought to know current situation. It is globally acknowledge, Kashmir is an International dispute in South Asia (especially between Republic of India and Islamic Republic of Pakistan). The dispute continued over 72 years. On August 5, 2019, the current government of India under Mr. Narendra Modi administration altered the status of Indian-occupied Kashmir through the revocation of Article 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution.
This move is illegal under the Constitution of India. It violates not only the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions on Kashmir, but also transgresses to the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP), statements of the first Prime Minister (P.M) of India Late Jawaharlal Nehru on Kashmir’s solidarity, and the Shimla Agreement. The former Chief Minister (C.M) of Indian Occupied Kashmir Mrs. Mehbooba Mufti in ‘App_ki_Adalat’ program, “India wants territory of Kashmir not the People of Kashmir.” It is true, because now thousands of Kashmiris have been arrested and thrown into prisons across India. A blood bath is feared in Kashmir when the curfew is lifted. Therefore, P.M. Islamic Republic of Pakistan said, “If the world does nothing to stop the Indian assault on Kashmir and its people, two nuclear-armed states will get ever closer to a direct military confrontation.”
The globe is in danger. No one can stop Pakistan and India, if the Nnuclear war occurs between two nuclear countries. Because, the geography of Kashmir connects half of the world population (China, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan with population 1.4 billion, 38.04 million, 1.3 billion and 22.7 million respectively). Broadly, Kashmir is sandwich in Eurasia. If we want a peaceful world, there is need to solve Kashmir issue. This is the only dispute between two Nuclear powers. These nuclear powers threat not only to the world peace but also global warming and other UN-long term plans, mission and vision.
The Kashmir is the only issue which destabilized the South Asian region. The global leaders know very well the real problem of Indian occupied Kashmiri, that is. India has refused to hold an honest plebiscite (as required to do by the United Nations) for the last 72 years. The Kashmiris have the right to vote, on their own destiny. They would probably vote, not to be the part of the India. And there would be no conflict. There would be no people killing other people, f the conflict solved. India has been condemned by the Amnesty International, by Human Rights Watch, by the people who support the Human Rights around the world.
The Kashmiris are not asking for charity. They are asking for their rights which promised to them through UN-Resolution and British Parliament’s ad European Union’s Statements. It is the time for United Nations and its bodies, UNCIP, International Community and International Non-Governmental Organisations, to solve this heinous dispute through peaceful dialogues and negotiations.
Once Mr. Modi said in election campaign 2019, “Atal Bihari Vajpayee had spoke about Humanity, and the essence of being a Kashmiri.” To follow the Modi’s words it can be stop very easy. India should let those people in the Kashmir, determine their own destiny through Referendum, through the Ballot Box rather than through Bullets.
It should be on the will of Kashmiris that either they want to join Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of India or An Independent Kashmir!