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Doctors or dacoits

For how long women are kept falling prey to barbarism in our society and we keep coming to know about such bad news. A bright young women, an emerging community leader in Ibrahim Hydri visited Sindh Government hospital Korangi No. 5 with a complaint of toothache where she was drugged and afterwards raped heinously, post mortem report says. Three barbaric doctors and health aides are found involved in such heinous crime. Suspected doctors fled away from hospital.
How painful it is to come to know that she was supporting her family financially, stated by her mother and doctors who are supposed to be the Christ for human being have committed such a nefarious act. Until and unless we do not punish such barbaric human beings, we cannot get rid of such untoward incidents in our society.
Enough is enough, let’s set an example now or never and punish all those who are found involved in this heinous crime and trial their case in a military court, otherwise they would beat our judicial system and would get away from due punishment in the same way as they fled away from the hospital.

Unfair means in exams

I seek to express my views on the use of unfair means by students in examinations. I shall feel highly obliged if you publish my views on the subject in your esteemed Daily. The use of unfair means by students has assumed dangerous proportions now. Copying in examinations goes on unchecked. No wonder, here and there, some invigilators are found helping the examiners in the use of unfair means. The evil has become deep-rooted.
The system of examination needs complete overhauling. In fact, examinations have become a farce. They have lost their meaning. Among the reform in the examination system, introduction of internal assessment, setting of objective type questions and delinting of degrees can be suggested. The purpose of holding examination is to test the ability of students. Any system of examinations that does not serve this end is purposeless. The sooner it is abolished the better it will be. I hope these views of mine will go a long way in making examinations meaningful.

Stop killing yourself

Pakistan, a developing country, with overpopulation, is a victim of Tobacco Smoking. About 200,000 people die every year who are exposed to this menace. Every day people consume about 180 million cigarettes. The average use of Tobacco is about 46% in men and 6 % in women. Tobacco smoking is now getting common among youth. About 11% of school students and 25% of university students are addicted to this product with majority being male. Passive Smoking (Second hand smoking) is another issue that public should be aware of. A person who is smoking, inhale less harmful chemical substances than a person nearer to him because of presence of filter in cigarettes.
It has also been determined that cigarettes contain heavy metal (Cd, Pb, Ni and Cr) that are highly toxic and carcinogen. These substances accumulate in the body of a smoker and cause diseases like acute myeloid leukemia, mouth cancer, lung cancer, throat cancer etc. According to a WHO Report on tobacco consumption in Pakistan, most common tobacco related diseases are heart diseases, stroke and emphysemaetc.
This issue needs more attention now because it not healthy, economically feasible and socially just. Government should ban smoking at public places, schools, universities, offices. Moreover, government should {strictly} implement regulations on selling cigarettes to the children of age below 18. Marketing, advertisement, promotion of smoking products must be banned and launch campaigns to make the public aware about the harmful effects of smoking.

Hospital waste inclusion

Hospital waste, a big problem being faced by our country. As indicated by reports, it was seen that the greater part of the waste produced by health offices was not legitimately discarded. Medical waste was either dumped at trash collectors or sold straightforwardly to scrap vendors. Waste collectors that are poor and have shortage of resources use to pick that waste and consume useful waste. Syringes, implantation and blood packs were their most favourite things. Most of the sweepers of healthcare offices sell these things to garbage sellers. It has been found that there is potential market of healthcare squander in reusing business.
Any individual presented to this sort of waste, can procure destructive contamination. Such unregulated dumping of medicinal waste dirties the earth and adds to the spread of specific diseases by uncovering health care specialists, squander handlers, patients and the network everywhere to poisons and contamination, for example, hepatitis, looseness of the bowels, nourishment borne ailments and skin diseases.
Because of absence of mindfulness, individuals, much of the time, handle the loss with uncovered hands, raising the probability of spreading transferable and environmental diseases. The government and public sector also throw their waste at open sites. There should be proper waste management in hospitals. Recycling plants should be installed for reuse of these products in a better way to avoid environment degradation and toxicity.

Ramazan transmission

Isn’t it quite unfortunate that each year in our country, we see singers, actors, actresses, female models, cricketers and other celebrities hosting and conducting live Ramazan transmissions during Sehri and Iftar hours at various private T.V channels?
Isn’t it unfortunate that those persons preach us during the holy month of Ramazan on these TV channels, who themselves lack the much needed Islamic knowledge about various social and other family issues? Interestingly, some of such hosts have remained to be controversial due to their various private or professional activities (the example of Veena Malik can easily be cited here).
How the viewers of these programmes will easily listen and accept preaching of those anchors who themselves are miles away from these Islamic teachings in their private life? It is time that the producers of the Ramazan transmission of all the private TV channels of the country be serious on this very important and sensitive issue, and appoint only qualified and knowledgeable religious scholars as the hosts of these Ramazan programmes during Sehr-o- Iftar hours.
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Speak up please

JUI own faction chief Maulana Fazlur Rahman was having smooth sailing and pretty good going when PPP and PML(N) were in power in Islamabad. Ever since PTI came into power with the people’s mandate, he is nowhere. He is trying hard to bring the two former ruling parties together to brighten his chances of once again treading the corridors of power or having a joy ride though there are very bleak chances for that. Maulana Fazlur Rahman is more interested in some joy ride and criticizing the PTI and Prime Minister Imran Khan just for the sake of political point scoring than to speak about problems of the people including those of his own province of KP.
Every succeeding government over the years has been paying due attention to create a polio free Pakistan ensuring safe, secure and healthy children who are the future of Pakistan. During the ongoing polio vaccination or drops campaign, some hostile elements have been quite unnecessarily carrying out negative propaganda against polio vaccination and drops.
Maulana Fazlur Rahman is just keeping mum and not condemning this vicious campaign against the health of our children as he had neither bothered to visit the terrorism and extremism hit tribal areas nor ever condemned the terrorists for their anti-humanity, anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam activities of killing innocent men, women and children brutally and ruthlessly.
The Maulana should speak out please as vehemently as loudly he has been in criticizing the people’s elected government for ulterior motives, break his criminal silence and strongly condemn the agents of the devil who are disrupting the polio vaccination campaign and opposed to ensuring good health of our children.