The last days of the year . . !



TWO Thousand Twenty Two was not in the best of moods as the last few days of her reign on earth drew to a close, “I’m not sure I want to go!” she said, to no one in particular, but she knew she was being heard by the years past and the years that were going to come in. “Why not?” asked one of the previous years, “Every Year, serves her time, then rests in history, why not?”

“I somehow feel I wasn’t used well by the people!” said Two Thousand and Twenty-Two. “It’s better than what I achieved,” said Twenty-One bitterly, “Everybody thought they’d got rid of the dreaded Covid, and bang came the second wave!” “In fact, mine was even worse!” whispered Twenty- Twenty.

“That’s where you both are so wrong!” said Twenty-Two, “When Covid came, the world also came together to fight the dreaded virus, and I rejoiced because I thought the world had learnt what it was to join and fight a common foe!” “And they did just that!” said Twenty-Twenty and Twenty-Twenty-One together!”

“On top of that I also thought people would realize how precious life was and that whether you were rich or poor, death could strike and drag you to your grave.

I really thought people the world over had learnt a lesson that life should be treated with a new attitude..” “What attitude?” asked baby Twenty-Three, suddenly getting interested in the conversation.

“An attitude of living life to the fullest so that even if death struck suddenly, there would be no regrets!” said Twenty-Two. “And you don’t think the people learnt that?” asked Twenty-Three curiously. “Look at them,” shouted Twenty-Two angrily, “Look at that Russian bully for instance, as he tries to overpower a weaker nation, do you think he learnt anything?”

The years both lying in history, and those swaddled in the shrouds of the Future nodded, “He certainly learned nothing!” they all whispered.

“But look at India!” said Twenty-Three, “You made an Indian become the third biggest billionaire! That’s quite an achievement Twenty-Two! You’ve made a nation proud!” “Proud?” asked Twenty-Two sadly, “That is exactly why I wish I could remain a few more months on earth!”

“To make him number one?” laughed baby Twenty-Three, “Well I can do that for you in my time on earth!” “No!” whispered Twenty-Two, “To make the people of that nation realise that wealth going into the hands of one person or a hundred is not something to be proud of, but that when the poorest of the poor gets three square meals a day, when the country looks at each other as brothers and sisters, and not as ‘us and others’ then and only then will a nation be great!”

The years wrapped in history shook their heads sadly even as Twenty-Two whispered, “Let’s hope Twenty-Three will achieve this and more!” Twenty-Three gave a nervous giggle, slightly uncertain of her future..!