The 68th Anniversary of the National Day of Algeria, Algeria, modernization of the state and diversification of partnerships


Algeria celebrates the 68th anniversary of the outbreak of the revolution of November 1, 1954, which lasted for seven and a half years, the conclusion of the epic popular resistance that has continued for a century and a third against the ugly French occupation that entered Algeria on July 5, 1830 and came out defeated on 05th July 1962.

The revolution of truth, freedom, justice and dignity was the revolution of the free people in all regions of the world, so it aroused admiration and appreciation and gained the sympathy and solidarity of brotherly and friendly peoples.

Pakistan was one of the first countries that supported the Algerian revolution and recognized its interim government in 1958, by adopting a representative office in the capital, Karachi.  A path full of solidarity, cooperation and identical positions in regional and international organizations.

Algeria has significant potentials and major projects:
Algeria, the largest area in Africa and the Arab and Mediterranean regions with about 2,400,000 km2 – a strategic location, linking Africa to Europe via the Mediterranean, Balcony connects by sea with Asia through the Suez Canal, and by sea/west with America through the Strait of Gibraltar, and south with Africa through The Trans-Saharan road that brings together the Sahel countries and extends to Nigeria.

Algeria, a charming geography, with a coast of 1,600 km long, rich in beautiful beaches and marine resources, a climate with four seasons per day, a land rich in various riches, oil and gas, iron mines, phosphates, gold, zinc… and a vast desert rich in renewableenergies. A good fertile land full of various agricultural products, in the north / the coast and the central plateaus and the south / oases and desert.

Algeria, modern infrastructure, extensive network of highways and railways, dozens of ports and international airports.  It offers excellent opportunities for investment and trade with good services and low energy prices.  It also has a skilled, young workforce, in a country of 45 million people.

The new Algeria, modernization of the state and diversification of partnerships with the world The new Algeria, under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdel madjid Tebboune, since 2019, is working to achieve comprehensive and modernizing reforms of state structures, and sustainable development in various fields.

It is also seeking to restore its prominent role in the international arena, through an efficient and effective diplomatic apparatus under the supervision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad, Mr. Ramtane Lamamra.  By strengthening its bilateral and multilateral relations, promoting international peace and security, serving African, Arab and Islamic interests, and supporting just causes in the world, particularly Palestine and Western Sahara.  As well asadvocating for a multipolar, balanced, solidarity and tolerant world order.

The new Algeria, developing the economy and activating production mechanisms, diversifying cooperation and partnerships with different countries and groups.

In this context, a new investment law has been adopted, providing the necessary concessions and guarantees, according to international standards, to national and foreign companies and businessmen, taking into account the stability of the legal system for investment “at least ten years” to create a stimulating business climate of trust and efficiency.

The Investment Law includes the creation of a “National Agency for Investment Promotion” under the authority of the Prime Minister, which represents the single window for major and foreign investments, which communicates with diplomatic and consular representations, and accompanies investors in implementing all procedures related to their projects, by creating a digital platform for the investor, and reducing the deadlines for studying investors’ files to less than a month.

The foreigner is granted the right to invest in all sectors by 100%, with incentives to exempt from fees and taxes in priority sectors and areas that the state pays special attention to, which range from 3 to 5 and 10 years.  Note that the fees imposed on companies and services are low.

As well as expanding the guarantee of transferring the invested amounts and the proceeds resulting from them to non-resident investors.

– In the year 2023, the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Algeria and Pakistan:

In 2023, Algeria and Pakistan celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, an occasion to make more joint efforts to activate and promote bilateral relations in various fields, reflecting the distinguished historical and political relations, and achieving the aspirations of the two brotherly peoples for progress and prosperity.

Algeria and Pakistan, both of which are major pivotal countries in their region, possess considerable wealth and potential, high competencies and expertise, diversified trade exchange opportunities and fruitful partnerships in various sectors such as: industry, agriculture, energy, mines and modern technologies.

Today, Algeria attaches the utmost importance to “economic diplomacy”, by diversifying and developing foreign partnerships, especially with the Asian region, in which Pakistan is a strategic country.

In this context, the Embassy of Algeria in Islamabad is coordinating with all official and economic institutions in the two countries to activate bilateral exchange and cooperation relations, accompany companies and businessmen in their activities in both directions, and provide the necessary information, facilities and services, which would raise these relations to the level of the desired partnership, fruitful and beneficial to the two brotherly countries.

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