Excerpts from the speech of Mr. RamtaneLamamra Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad  On the occasion of the Algerian Diplomacy Day Algiers- 08 October 2022


The day of Algerian diplomacy, which is associated this year with the sixtieth anniversary of the restoration of national independence, constitutes an important occasion to celebrate the diplomacy of our country, which has maintained its revolutionary character even after joining the United Nations on October 08, 1962, that revolutionary character whose features were formed during the Great Liberation Revolution in the midst of the epics that made by the struggle of the Algerian people at the political and military levels continued after independence to devote the extension of the international character of Algeria and its distinction among nations with the established principles that qualified Algeria to lead the tide of liberation from colonial domination and to be at the forefront of developing countries by demanding a new international system.

we have to celebrate this historic day that dedicated Algeria’s return to international life after a long colonial night, and we can also be proud of the achievements of Algerian diplomacy, especially as it is renewed today with all vitality and effectiveness under the leadership of the President of the Republic, Abdel madjid Tebboune, and makes its contributions with determination in the process of building a new Algeria enlightened by the principles of its founding charter and its birth certificate represented in the statement of  1st November, 1954″.
-Algeria struggles for an international system of justice and equality :
Perhaps what the world knows today of escalating tensions and rapid fluctuations, and the signs of the increasing state of polarization that bear the signs of reshaping the balance of power across the world, to reaffirm the relevance of the Algerian stances that adhere to the principles of non-alignment and constantly struggle for an international system of justice and equality that puts an end to historical injustice against the developing countries, and here also lies the essence of our country’s diplomacy, which believes in the power of truth and steadfastness on principles in its support for just causes such as the Palestinian cause and the Western Sahara issue, because what Algeria experienced confirms that colonialism, no matter how long, its inevitable end will come .”
“In the light of this commitment and loyalty to the sacrifices of its righteous sons, Algeria continues its endeavors as an active party in all areas of its Arab, African, Islamic and Mediterranean affiliation in order to extend and strengthen bridges of cooperation and solidarity and contribute to resolving conflicts and crises through peaceful means and creating creative dynamics for opportunities for economic integration and integrated development.”
-Economy diplomacy, for a balance of interests and a worthy position within the ranks of the emerging countries.
“The national diplomacy intensifies its economic activity through a comprehensive strategy to direct international cooperation in accordance with the logic of a balance of interests, embodying the goals of the ambitious development program by which Algeria aims to secure a worthy position within the ranks of the emerging countries, as previously emphasized by President Abdel madjid Tebboune more than once, especially when mentioning Algeria’s real ability to provide an added value to the BRICS group.”
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