Sir Don Bradman’s Baggy Green cap to visit leading cricket countries


Bipin Dani

Sir Don Bradman’s first Baggy Green cap, which was sold to Australian businessman Peter Freedman AM, Founder and Chairman of RØDE Microphones, for a record price of A$450,000, will be toured around for display in leading cricket countries around the world.
“The cap is protected under the Australian Federal Law called ‘Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act’. This stops it from being exported for sale. However, I will approach the Federal Minister to ask for dispensation so that the cap can visit the leading cricket countries of the world,” Mr. Freedman, speaking exclusively over the telephone, said.
“After a tour of Australia, I plan for India to be the first country on our international tour”. “This is so much more than the great Sir Don Bradman’s very first Baggy Green, it is symbolic of what can be achieved in life if one puts in the hard work. Of course natural talent is required, but as Thomas Edison’s said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration! I want as many young cricket-loving children, teens and adults to be inspired to achieve greatness on the world stage just as ‘The Don’ did, and even if one person goes on to greatness after being inspired by this, I will be a very happy man at the end of my days,” he further added.
When talking about the greatest game in the world, Mr. Freedman said; “Quoting the late great Mr. Ian McDonald, “I have no doubt that cricket is in fact the greatest game yet invented. No other sport compares with it in the number of skills displayed: batting skill; bowling skill; throwing skill; catching skill; running skill. It requires fitness, strength, delicacy of touch, superb reflexes, footwork like a cat, the eye of a hawk, the precision and accuracy of a master jeweller. It involves individual skill and nerve and also unselfish team play.