SHC told centre withdrew notification about Sindh islands control



The federal government has withdrawn its notification regarding taking control of the Sindh islands. The Sindh High Court on Friday heard a petition challenging the notification of the federal government to take control of the Sindh islands. At the outset of the hearing, the assistant attorney general told the court that the term of federal government’s ordinance was expired. He said the ordinance was issued on Sept 2022 and it was lapsed on Jan 3, 2023.

The AAG said that the federal government withdrew its notification and he submitted a copy of the withdrawn notification to the court.  With this, the Sindh High Court disposed of the case. In his petition, the plaintiff stated that the federal government had taken control of Baddu and Bundal Islands in Sindh. He contended that the islands belonged to the province and the federal government could not take control of them.