Governor KP’s vision for education


EDUCATION is the major driver of socio-economic progress of any country but it is really unfortunate that the sector has not been given as much priority as it deserved.

The result is that today we are lagging behind in almost every field and become more reliant on others.

It is, however, a matter of satisfaction that there is now growing realization in the quarters concerned to take the matters towards improvement.

One such person who is leading the efforts to improve the standard of quality education is Governor Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Haji Ghulam Ali.

Most recently, he held a two- day marathon conference of the Vice Chancellors which, in fact, provided him the much needed insight about the problems faced by the seats of higher learning.

Putting forward his vision, the Governor stated that he would work to bring the local universities at par with international standards, with a focus on learning, research, innovation and invention.

He said that market-orientated disciplines would be developed further with linkages created with chambers of commerce and industry.

Also, the gap between the farmer and the manufacturer would be bridged to share the fruits of research.

These very words clearly indicate that the Governor has not only a deep understanding of the issues but also has its solutions.

Promoting research and developing linkages between the academia and the industries as is the case in modern countries is the way forward which will help make the universities not only self-sustaining but also prepare our youth according to the requirements of modern day which will ultimately benefit the country.

Whilst the Governor has assured full cooperation to the Vice Chancellors, it is now their responsibility to translate his vision into reality through their actions.

In order to improve higher education standards, there should also be a mechanism to check the performance of faculty including that of the Vice Chancellors.

Most importantly, some highly capable students cannot continue their education because of lack of resources.

These students must be fully supported as the country’s future hinges on them.